Up to now, the scores in this library are all made and edited by members of M.A.B. and the copyrights belong to M.A.B. You can use or distribute without permission if you don't change contents nor not on commercial. If you want to change the contents, be sure to leave the copyright discription on top pages and add discriptions of yourself like `Arrenged by xxx' at the title. If you want to use these scores on commercial, e-mail to

The rules above may change without noticing. Take care about the changes if you get scores from the library.

PostScript (copyrights about making scores with MusicTeX)

With a research, we were reported about the Copyright Law in Japan that making MusicTeX scores from published scores does not violate the copyrights of publishers. But you have to take care about the copyrights of the composers, poets, editors of the music itself. Performing the musics may have other copyrights. Check these copyrights by yourself.

Copyright (C) 1995,96,97 M.A.B. Soloists, All Rights Reserved.

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