What is MusicTeX

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MusicTeX is a set of TeX macros to typeset polyphonic or orchestral music produced by Daniel Taupin. Usual TeX sources are typeset as texts with some control sequences. But MusicTeX sources are filled with macros to type musical marks, and they look so complicated that many people hesitate at a glance. MusicTeX is not so easy, that's true. But once you master it, you can produce scores no less quality than the ones on market.

A couple of years ago, Taupin released a developped version named MusiXTeX. It mainly aimed at the reinforcement of automatic line and pagebreaking. Since then new macros and functions are attached to MusiXTeX, and MusicTeX came to rather "old" version. We are planning to shift the contents of our pages to MusiXTeX.

To produce scores with MusicTeX and/or MusiXTeX, you need some experiences and knowledges about TeX the computer typesetting system.

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