Leos Janacek

Kantor Halfar

(Processor Halfar)

Poem writtern by Petr Bezruc (in Czech)
First Playing Augst 3rd in 1908
Playing Time about 8 minutes
Parts 4 parts (T,T,B,B)

Comments This piece is one of his masterpieces, comparable with " Marycka Magdonova" or "Sedmesat tisic". The text expresses anguish of Czech who forced to speak Germany. The story tells the suicide process of Professor Harfar who speaks "only" Czech. The story is based on real story.

Charactaristic of the music is continuous eighth notes which appears continually. The texture reach out till the last bar. It is said that the texture expresses the destine of Professor Halfar. (Miyauchi)

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