M.A.B. 10th Anniversary Concerts 1

Score Library
`Genealogy of Renaissance sacred music'

Last modified at 1996/05/06
Edited by M.A.B. Soloists
Transcribed by Moriwaki Michio
Posted by M.A.B. Soloists
Index Guillaume Dufay (Nuper rosarum flores)
Johannes Ockeghem (`Missa Pro Defunctis(Requiem)' Kyrie)
Josquin Des Prez (`Missa Pange Lingua' Gloria)
William Byrd (Ne irascaris Domine)
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (Dum Complerentur)
Tomas Luis de Victoria (O Magnum Mysterium)
Roland de Lassus (Pater Abraham)
This is the score library that M.A.B. playd and sold in the concert mentioned above. Output all the scores and combine them as described in the index page. The index page is page No.1.
The file sco_styl.tex is arranged from MAB_Styl.tex to fit for the Score Library. To get the DVI file from the source, you need MusicExp.

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