How to get MusicTeX

Original archives of MusicTeX and MusiXTeX

MusicTeX related files from M.A.B.

MusiXTeX related files from M.A.B.

Original archives of MusicTeX and MusiXTeX

All original files are available at anonymous ftp ( from France in the directory,/pub/music_zips . This directory normally contains all files related to MusicTeX. For ftp-ing convenience, there are zip archived files such as (musictex macros, fonts, and manuals), (examples), (special fonts for MusicTeX; you don't need this if you have METAFONT system).

You can also get the files from CTAN(Comprehensive TeX Archive Network) in the directory /tex-archive/macros/musictex.

Also, you can get MusiXTeX(mentioned in What is MusicTeX) from /tex-archive/macros/musixtex/taupin.

MusicTeX related files from M.A.B.

MusicTeX has its original manual musicdoc.tex in Here I present you the Japanese Manual. There are 2 archives. MusicJdc.tar.gz for source set, and MtJdc.dvi.gz for the DVI file. Since the files had several troubles, a little modified version is released. Refer to readme.doc (of course it's written in Japanese!) in MusicJdc.tar.gz for detail.
Rel. 2 Rel. 2
57KB 313KB

I have been using MusicTeX and making new macros for expansion of MusicTeX. It is named MusicExp. Refer to readme.doc in exp.tar.gz for detail. The readme.doc is written in Japanese, but you can get informations of macros and their usages from musicexp.tex itself. You can also get the TFMs and PK fonts for MusicExp.

Ver. 3.31

To make DVI files from the scores posted by M.A.B., you need a special macro set named MAB_Styl.tex. Don't forget to put it in the directory where TeX can recognize.


MusiXTeX related files from M.A.B.

MusiXTeX has its english manual musixdoc.tex in Here I present you the Japanese Manual. There are 3 archives. MusiXJdc.tar.gz for source files (first reffer to 00readme.txt), for the Postscript file and MusicJdc.pdf.gz for the PDF file.
for MusiXTeX Version T.98
96KB 629KB

Similar to MusicExp, MusiXTeX expansion macro set MusiXExp is ready. Simple explanations in Japanese are written in musixexp.txt. Explanations in English is commented in muswixexp.tex itself.

Scores edited by M.A.B. requies MAB_Stlx.tex to compile.

Recent M.A.B. scores require the lyrics support macro musixlyr.tex. You can also get it from CTAN/tex-archive/macros/musixtextaupin/add-ons/ etc.

If you have any questions about MusicTeX, it's Japanese manual, MusicExp, MAB_Styl.tex, e-mail to Moriwaki Michio(

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