Installation of MusicTeX

Installation of files

First of all, get or musictex.tar.gz according to How to get and decompress it to a temporary directory.

Create a new directory named `musictex' to be recognized by TeX. Move the files music*.tex, music*.sty, musicdoc.*, musicref.*, bigmusic.sty, a4report.sty to the directory. musicdoc.tex is the manual of MusicTeX, and musicref.tex is the reference table of MusicTeX features.

Next, create a new directory named `musicmf' to be recognized by METAFONT. Move the files *.mf to the directory.

*.pk are the MusicTeX Special Fonts for 300dpi. If you need them, copy the *.pk and *.tfm to your environment. If you need other dpi fonts, 360dpi and 600dpi fonts are packed in Other dpi fonts should be created be METAFONT as mentioned below.

Among the left files, aa_readme.tex is the document like this page that describes about the files and how to get them. screatim.tex is the example of MusicTeX score. Other files are not necessary.

How to create MusicTeX Special Fonts

Among the *.mf files installed, there are some ones to be \input-ed by other files. You should create the following 11 fonts.

musikn20, musikn16, musikn13, musikn11, beamn20, beamn16, beamn13, beamn11, slurn20, slurn16, musicbra

And the following 5 fonts will help you to create more beautiful scores.

sluruu16, slurud16, slurdu16, slurdd16, musicbrb

Caution! These fonts are not Computer Modern Fonts. So take care NOT TO \input

If you have any questions about using METAFONT, ask your neighbors.

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